Unistrut® is a major supplier of metal framing systems, cable supports, and pipe support systems into the New Zealand market. We are an internationally recognised and respected brand, with service and manufacturing centres throughout the world.

Invented by Unistrut® America in the 1920’s, the weld-less channel support system has been the major driver behind the international success of the company over almost 90 years of existence. Unistrut® commenced operation in New Zealand in the 1970’s, and has been a proud part of New Zealand industry ever since. With a major production plant in Hamilton, and an established network of complimentary local manufacturing service providers, Unistrut® designs and manufactures a large percentage of our products in New Zealand, specifically for local market demands.

The Unistrut® name is synonymous with excellence. Products are engineered and rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest market standards, and are promoted by a team of the most experienced sales engineers within the industry. Our philosophy of best installed value has seen us capture and maintain the market leader mantle.

With success comes imitation, and Unistrut® is proud to be seen as a company that competitors copy, and follow.

As part of a world-wide leading manufacturer, Atkore International®, access has been gained to quality ranges from sister Unistrut® companies, which have been successfully integrated into the New Zealand product offering. This has continued the innovation that we have given to the industry, in the way of consistently introducing new products and services to meet the ever changing local market demands.

In short, specify and utilise Unistrut® products and services with the confidence that goes with experience and stability.

Unistrut® – “we invented it”